Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is a Must For Healthy Lifestyles


Do you exercise regularly, take vitamins and drink plenty of water? If so, you are probably a health-conscious person. But did you know that getting your carpets professionally cleaned should also be part of a healthy lifestyle?

As we go in and out of our homes, we bring with us allergens, dust, and other unwanted substances on our feet. Even if you remove your shoes in the home, allergens can stick to your clothes and eventually make their way down to the floor. While carpets are important tools for trapping unwanted particles, they also need to be professionally cleaned to remove allergens from your home.

While vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis can certainly help keep unwanted allergens at bay, commercial vacuum cleaners can only clean to a certain level. It may seem like you are removing a great amount of hair and dirt from your floors, but after hours of being walked upon, your carpets will hold even more dirt that is tough to reach. That is why health-conscious families rely on regular professional carpet cleanings to keep their homes clean and free of harmful allergens.

If you suffer from allergies, whether they are pet-related or outdoor pollen-related, you may not be finding the relief you seek in your own home. Allergens can get trapped deep down within your carpets and can keep you sneezing and sniffling all day long in your own home, and even wake you up at night with sneezing attacks. When you are home, you want to be able to relax and breathe deeply, not worry about allergens that you have brought inside with you.

So what should you expect from your first professional carpet cleaning? There are different methods of cleaning, all of which provide benefits to maintaining a clean and healthy home. A professional carpet cleaner will visit your home to determine what level of cleaning your carpets require. In many cases, you will only need a light surface carpet cleaning, which can involve the use of dry powder, foam, or a bonnet, which is a buffer machine that is dipped into cleaning solution. After just one carpet cleaning you will be able to see a difference in your carpet, feel the difference on your toes, and breathe a little easier.

Should your carpet need a deeper cleaning, due to pet or child-related stains, then additional measures will be taken to leave your home looking clean and smelling fresh. The professional cleaners may recommend external extraction using hot water. While this may take a little longer and cost extra, it can make the difference between having to purchase new carpets or restoring your existing carpet.

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