Carpet: 5 Things You Must Know


Carpet is a universal covering that has stood the test of time and continues to provide homeowners with a beautiful and versatile floor. There are 5 things that potential buyers must know in order to make the best decision for their specific area. Also, understanding these concepts will insure that the flooring choice will bring years of enjoyment to both the homeowner and guests.

The first concept to be aware of is in regards to carpet selection and how to best match the flooring options with what is already in the room. Swatches of fabric from drapes and other furniture can be taken to the carpet dealer so that they can be directly compared alongside the carpet available. This will help narrow down the options to a subset of those which will best match the existing decor. Wallpaper samples and even paint samples can also be a great tool which will assist in coordinating everything before bringing the carpet into the home. This will eliminate any time wasting returns and fees.

The cost of carpet can vary considerably and it is important that the homeowner know why they are choosing to make this particular install or upgrade. It makes a difference whether the carpet is going to be needed for resale value or whether the homeowner is simply looking to increase the utility and comfort for their own use. A dealer will also want to know the square footage of the area that will be addressed in order to get the most value for the homeowner.

The 3rd thing to know is that some carpet brands are simply superior to others due to the manufacturing process. For example, Stainmaster carpet is going to outshine most stock lesser-known name brands because it has features such as nylon technology to avoid crushing. Mohawk is another good brand which even includes cutting-edge nanotechnology to keep carpet looking fresh. Smartstrand carpet is one of the alternatives to nylon in this regard. However, almost always these premium features will increase the price.

Stain resistance is a fourth consideration that is usually top on the list of concerns for homeowners, especially if they are a family with kids and pets. Soil resistance such as the Dupont Advanced Teflon Protectant also contribute in pushing dirt away in order to keep the carpet looking nice with less cleaning. A smart dealer will be able to help a buyer compare and contrast the latest of such features.

Finally, check the label. Many less trustworthy dealers may try to pass their carpet off as something it is not in order to make the sale at any price. However, the carpet will contain a label on the back which will be a good sign that it is the brand that is being sold and that it has the features desired. Checking this before buying a roll can be very helpful.   Carpet Cleaning San Luis Obispo site has more information as well.