Carpet: 5 Things You Must Know


One: Have a Home’s Carpets Cleaned on a Regular Basis

Wall-to-wall carpets are expensive to buy, but you can make the items last longer by having the fibers cleaned professionally twice a year. Despite vacuuming a home’s carpets frequently, debris such as household dust, pet hair and skin flakes seep deep into the fibers. When debris builds up in a home’s carpet fibers, the bacteria will begin to multiply. If you have children playing on dirty carpets, then they are at risk of experiencing contamination from numerous pathogens.

Two: Maintain Your Carpet’s Warranty

Manufacturers may have a warranty on a home’s carpets that includes having it professionally sanitized on a regular basis. You should schedule carpet cleaning from a knowledgeable company at certain times of the year such as before the holiday season or in the spring to maintain the warranty. Keep your carpet-cleaning receipts to protect a warranty.

Three: Keep a Home Looking Attractive

If a home’s carpets are dirty, then the color changes, leading to an unattractive ambience inside a home. Instead of having carpets that match the color of upholstered furniture, the fiber’s colors may clash. By having carpets shampooed every six months, the fibers will remain a vibrant hue that creates an attractive decor inside a home.

Four: Make Sure Stains are removed from Fibers

When a carpet-cleaning technician arrives at your home to shampoo carpets, they should analyze the stains to remove the debris. Failing to remove a stain from carpeting before the shampooing process can lead to permanent discolorations. The technician you hire to clean your home’s carpets must understand if a stain is caused by pet urine or spilled food to use the proper cleanser. To make sure a carpet looks and smells fresh, a technician will choose the right tools to remove the stain efficiently.

Five: Choose a Knowledgeable Carpet-Cleaning Company

There are many fly-by-night companies that want to clean a home’s carpets, but you should select a business that has experienced technicians. A carpet-cleaning company with many years of service in a community can provide personal references from satisfied customers. The technicians working for this type of company are background screened and will have proper training to diagnose carpet fibers in order to remove stains and embedded dirt. You can count on the technicians to arrive promptly to begin a carpet-cleaning process.  More Info at Carpet Cleaning Portland site.