11 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Clean While Cooking


Tip One: Fill the Sink with Water

If you are looking for ways to keep a kitchen clean while cooking, then begin by filling the sink with water and detergent. As you mix ingredients, you can place the dirty dishes in the sink to soak.

Tip Two: Keep Cleaning Cloths Nearby

Keep absorbent cloths nearby to clean up spills of beverages or foods from a kitchen’s countertops or appliances.

Tip Three: Have Cutting Boards Ready

Have several cutting boards for different types of foods to avoid contaminating the countertops with bacteria. Cutting boards are easier to wash than an entire countertop.

Tip Four: Place a Wastebasket Nearby

Place a wastebasket near you while you are cutting up ingredients or opening packages in order to toss the items into the trash quickly.

Tip Five: Mix a Homemade Cleanser for Sanitizing Surfaces

Use a homemade recipe to mix a cleanser to sanitize surfaces if something spills on the countertops. You can buy a plastic spray bottle and mix essential oils, bleach or soap to clean surfaces.

Tip Six: Empty the Dishwasher before Cooking

Before cooking a meal, empty the dishwasher to have it ready for dirty pans and utensils. With this preparation, you will not have a lot of contaminated cookware on top of a stove or countertop.

Tip Seven: Have a Broom Nearby

While you are preparing a meal, an accident can occur, but when you keep a broom nearby, you can clean up debris such as a broken glass jar that is on the floor.

Tip Eight: Use the Oven’s Exhaust Fan

Not only can an oven’s exhaust fan remove odors, but also, it helps to suction out grease from meat and oils to keep the substances off of the floor, ceiling and countertops.

Tip Nine: Keep Pets Out of Your Kitchen

Don’t allow your pets inside a kitchen while you are preparing a meal because cats can climb on the countertops and dogs might make you spill something on the floor.

Tip Ten: Make Sure a Refrigerator and Freezer are Organized

Keep you kitchen’s freezer and refrigerator organized to prevent bags and bottles from falling on the floor when opening a door.

Tip Eleven: Reduce the Clutter on the Kitchen’s Countertops

Instead of having a lot of clutter on your kitchen’s countertops, get rid of some things or store items inside the cabinets.