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Many kids will find away to get their hands on magic markers and ink pens and when they do it usually means trouble for your carpet. However there is now a solution to get it out. It is through a product called ink-out. Using this product properly should definitely be the solution the problems on your carpet. You first have to find where the damage is done on your carpet. You then apply the ink-out solution to where the marks are and spray directly on it. Make sure that you have a white absorber towel handy and began to apply pressure to the stain to agitate it and cause it to be release from the carpet. As you’re doing this step and you began to see results already. Make sure that you continue to press firmly so that the stains do not reach deep into the carpet. You may need to give it another spray or two until the stain is completely out. This product is amazing if used properly and may even work better if you catch the stain early. Next time the kids decide to do art projects on your carpet remember ink-out and get to spraying immediately.